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About Us


Studio 708 and Tara Rudy Photography recently joined as of January 1st of 2018.  We are a dynamic trio of some crazy fun peeps that were close friends and their own biggest competition in the area. 
Why not join forces?  Well... we did! 
We love to laugh and we work super awesome together.  We love to challenge each other to create the most EPIC portraits for our clients.  We each have our own genre we enjoy to photograph, but our studio loves to photograph almost everything as a whole. 
Together we have over 35 years combined experience. 
We've all had award winning images and have been published in multiple places. 
We LOVE what we do and it shows! 
We are excited to see where our new partnership goes and we hope to be your chosen photographers for whatever needs you may have.

Tara Rudy...

Tara is our unicorn of the group...  She is super outgoing, caring , bubbly and treats everyone like family... and loves hugs.  Never a quiet moment with her around!  She is a proud mother of two beautiful children that keeps her busy at home.  She had a career change about 10 years ago... where she gave up her police badge for a camera and hasn't looked back since.  She puts her heart and soul into every client that walks in the door and everyone leaves feeling amazing and wanting more.  She loves chocolate, Qdoba, playing volleyball and wine... in no particular order.  Her favorite genres to photograph are seniors, boudoir, weddings, beauty and fashion as well as working with families and kiddos.  She can shoot wicked natural light work, then get down and dirty with edgier lit work in studio and outside. 
Why she does this whole photography thing:  Everyone deserves to feel special, wanted and beautiful.  She would do this for free (if she didn't have to pay the bills) because she LOVES making people feel amazing and empowered. We ALL need to EXIST in portraits.  It isn't about us, guys.... it's about our kids some day and what they will have to remember us by.  Make it awesome.


Katy Frey...

Katy is the quieter, influencial and behind the scenes rockstar of the group.  She is a proud mother of 4 beautiful children and loves to cook and bake amazing treats.  This gal loves squishy babies, chocolate, a good dark beer, cheeseburgers and pumping iron.  Katy has been photographing for 12 years and her favorite genres to shoot are newborns, seniors, weddings and children.  Katy is extra particular with details, (which is a great thing... trust us), so know that nothing will be overlooked in her photography or editing.  Katy is one of the baby whisperers of the group and has enjoyed taking many workshops to make her even more awesome and a force to be reckoned with in the area of newborn photography.   Why Katy loves what she does:  it gives her freedom with her awesome family.  She loves to give clients quality art work that they will love and enjoy for generations. In recent years, she has become particularily involved in giving back to the community through pro-bono hospital sessions for families experiencing infant loss. This work is incredibly important and it gives her a chance to give families something they will hold and cherish forever.  

As much as she is quiet, she enjoys getting to know each client and learning their story. As a mother, she connects well with the moms who bring in their babies and loves swapping a good birth story or two. 


Tim Neubauer...
Tim is the jokester, care-free and outgoing stud of the group.  Tim is a proud papa of two beautiful girls and loves spending time with his family with his time away from the studio.  He loves building cool stuff, technology, and is a total movie nerd.  He can be found with either a Diet Pepsi in his hand or a cold Miler Light and loves racing RC cars.  His favorite genres to photograph are newborns, children, weddings and seniors.  Timmy is a great people person and isn't shy around anyone.  After 10 years working in the prison system, he decided it was time for a career change to better his life and spend more quality time with his family.  We are so glad he made the switch... he has so many gifts to share.  He completely renovated the current studio with his mad skills and will be doing the same for our next space.  The why behind Tim:  he gets to make Kick-A$$ epic portraits while getting more time with his beautiful girls at home, and he gets creative freedom and he gets to play with tech toys... so why not?!  He loves what he does.